Pedestrian Bridge In Chemnitz Germany


Our sturdy bridge deck is also strong on sustainability!

The Ultra Duty Plank meets the future's needs for sustainable and durable bridges and walkways

Our UD plank has advantages such as high strength and low weight as well as excellent corrosion resistance to weather and wind as well as a number of chemicals. This makes the bridge deck a cost-effective alternative with quick assembly and minimal maintenance requirements. The plank is fastened in the transverse or longitudinal direction by bonding with a dual-component epoxy adhesive, which ensures a fast, strong and durable connection that lasts for many years. All this helps to make the UD plank a more sustainable and future-proof choice for your bridge solution.

The Ultra Duty Plank is our strongest bridge deck and comes with a wide range of benefits. In our new Eco report, you can read more about the environmental benefits of the UD plank.

Click here to download our Eco report for the UD plank

About the plank
The new plank is designed for pedestrian and bicycle bridges with occasional vehicle traffic of up to 12 tonnes, but can also be used for walkways, access roads and coverings. Fiberline Ultra Duty Plank can be mounted on substructures of steel, reinforced concrete and fiberglass. The assembly can be either a glued connection or a mechanical connection.

Quality and standards
Our planks are certified according to a number of recognized standards, including CE, aBG and EN13706. It is your guarantee of high, consistent quality every time you shop with us.

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Data sheet for UD Plank

Fiberline Ultra Duty Plank
The Ultra Duty Plank is our strongest bridge decking, designed to meet the most stringent load requirements for pedestrian and cycle bridges. The UD plank reduces the weight of the structure and is easy to work with at the installation site. It is also corrosion-resistant against a range of chemicals and salt water. Asphalt or PPMA/Epoxy strewn with sand or gravel can be used as a wearing surface.

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