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Minimal maintenance with FRP profiles

Our GRP profiles have unrivalled durability and a long life, even in demanding conditions. Our GRP profiles do not weather or deteriorate in the same way that steel and timber do. They are therefore very long lasting and require only minimal maintenance or no maintenance at all. Any maintenance will usually be cosmetic in nature, which has a positive influence on the planning reliability and the stability of the construction.

Low operating costs with fibreglass 

With minimal maintenance required, you will have low operating costs throughout the entire lifetime of the solution. If your solution is situated near a road or a railway line, you will also be able to minimise traffic disruption and the costs associated with this.

UV-protected fibreglass

Our fiberglass profiles are protected from UV rays by a surface veil. This makes them suitable for locations where they will be exposed to sunlight.

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Long lifetime with FRP

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