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For over 40 years, we have been inspiring customers all over the world with sustainable solutions, each of which helps CREATE MORE WITH LESS. Our construction materials are widely used in construction and industry, where great strength, low weight and long durability are crucial. These unique benefits make fibreglass a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as steel, aluminium, wood and concrete.

The world's biggest webshop 

At Fiberline Building Profiles, our most important job is to meet our customers' needs for energy-efficient solutions for construction and industry. This is why we have now ensured that wherever our customers are in the world, they have easy access to our construction materials through our webshop. Today our webshop is the biggest in the world for CE-marked fibreglass profiles, so there is plenty to explore. Se our product-range here. 

Create more with less

One of our hallmarks is our production method - pultrusion - which is an energy-optimised process that enables our customers to create more intelligent solutions. With a lower CO2 footprint, longer durability, lower weight and fewer resources needed for maintenance and processing, our customers generate more value by using fibreglass, yet use fewer resources than if they had chosen traditional materials. Pultrusion is also a continuous production process, which is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you buy from us and use our products. Read more about pultrusion here

Along with Fiberline Building Profiles, the Fiberline group also comprises Fiberline Composites, which is aimed at the wind turbine sector. 

At Fiberline Building Profiles, we specialise in composites and have the world's biggest webshop of CE-marked fibreglass profiles.

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