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Our fibreglass products offer you a durable and corrosion free alternative in aggressive environment with process waters, hydrogen sulphide and other aggressive gases. With unique durability our fibreglass material will persist where other conventional materials will buckle under the strain.

Our fibreglass covers have a lightweight design and are easy to machine. This will make both installation and final adjustments onsite easy for you. The covers are also easily removed, which can be an advantages if your covers need to be removed on a frequently basis, e.g. as GRP trench / GRP trench covers.

Depending on the application we have a number of different design options, which include our fibreglass planks, profiles and gratings. Further, both planks can be ordered with anti-slip surface and stainless-steel fasteners. It the application requires, substructures of I and U beams can be manufactured to support the planks.

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The access way illustration below is a truss construction that can span up to 15 meters. Cuppled to the access ways is a small stairs. All constructions are design according to EN 14121 - part 1 – 3.

1. Handrail profile, item no 122051
2. Toe plate, used in the construction of a knee rail, item no 120486
3. Toe plate, item no 120486
4. Plank MD, item no 122090
5. Cross beam, U120x50x6
6. Parapets made form square tubes 60x60x5, item no 060274
7. Diagonal made form square tubes 60x60x5, item no 060274
8. Stringer made from U120x50x6, item no 090233
9. Handrail end cap, item no 148922
10. Stair treds

Data sheets

Download data sheet for deckings
Download data sheet for gratings
Download data sheet for profiles

Advantages of fibreglass covers

Our fibreglass covers provide you with a cost-efficient alternative to traditional materials such as steel, and aluminium. Whereas, these materials have one primary strength, our GRP material combines a number of different advantages such as low weight, high strength as well as corrosion and chemical resistance.

Our 10 most important advantages of fibreglass:

Types of GRP covers

With unique material properties and flexible design options our grp profiles can be included in many types of covers, e.g. trench covers, tank covers for wastewater and sewage treatment plants and other types of industrial covers where the need for a lightweight, durable cover system is essential.

Normally, our GRP covers consists of our MD and HD planks, depending on the span and load need. The cover can also consist of our GRP gratings to include an open mesh design. We have different types of open mesh gratings. Explore our grating programme here

Installation of fibreglass covers

Are you looking for a material that is as easy and fast to work with as timber, but can withstand corrosion, deterioration and rot? Then fibreglass is the answer for your next cover! The MD and HD planks from Fiberline also have major advantages when it comes to machining. Composite can be cut and drilled using ordinary power tools making the fitment on the side very easy. This not only minimizes installation costs but also means that subsequent adjustments can be made without the use of expensive specialist equipment. To create strong joints you can either bolt and glue fibreglass.

Are you new to fibreglass? We have made a number of instruction videos to make it easy for you to get a feel of how to work with fibreglass. Find them all here 

Maintenance and inspection of GRP covers

Our fibreglass covers have unrivalled durability and minimal maintenance needs, even in demanding conditions. With minimal maintenance required, you will have low operating costs throughout the entire lifetime of the cover. Is the cover installed in a location that is difficult to access, e.g. near a busy road or a railway line, you will also be able to minimise traffic disruption and the costs associated with inspections. 

Looking for a fibreglass Expert?

At Fiberline we produce high quality fibreglass profiles for applications within construction and industry . We have more than 40 years of experience and we are pretty sure we can assist you too.

Today, we also offer a number of extra services making it easier for you to use fibreglass and be a customer with us, incl. design and calculations, machining, and pre-assembly.

Contact us today and hear more about our fibreglass profiles and services, and how we can assist you in your next project.


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