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Fibreglass profiles – the sustainable option for construction, industry and offshore

Why use fibreglass?

All of the advantages combined in a single profile
Our fibreglass profiles combine a number of unique benefits that are not found in other, traditional materials – low weight but great strength, unique durability with minimal maintenance, and electrical and thermal insulation. All of these advantages combined into a single composite material make our profiles a cost-effective option for the sustainable construction and industry of the future.

Fiberline – a strong partner

Fiberline is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent composite profiles made of glass and carbon fibre. These profiles have been making a considerable difference to our customers in construction and industry for over 40 years. At our groundbreaking headquarters in Middelfart, Denmark, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what our products can do to meet rising demands from an energy-efficient society.

As strong as steel – but only a quarter of the density

Our fibreglass profiles will give you the same great strength as steel – but at only a quarter of the density. There are also weight savings to be had when compared to aluminium – fibreglass weighs only two-thirds as much. This means that you can create a lighter, more streamlined design without compromising on strength. Reducing the weight of the finished solution essentially means faster installation and thus lower investment costs, for example with respect to special machinery, workers and downtime.

Low overall project costs

Fiberline's fibreglass profiles are corrosion-free, have exceptional durability, and do not corrode or deteriorate in the same way as steel or timber. This means that the profiles have a long functional life, so the cost of expensive replacements can be avoided. Their unique durability is maintained even in corrosive conditions or in contact with chemicals, salt water or other aggressive liquids. The profiles only need cosmetic maintenance, so maintenance costs also remain low throughout the product’s long life.

Widely used in construction, industry and offshore installations

We have a wide range of standard geometries, such as U profiles, I profiles, square tubes, planks, bridge decks and gratings. Our profiles are widely used in a large number of industries such as offshore installations, the railway sector, swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers and infrastructure.

Easy fitting and handling on site

Our profiles are just as easy to work with as timber, without the need for any special tools or hot work. This means that assembly and final adjustments (such as adaptations to fit existing piping systems) can be done on site. In addition to this, the low weight of the profiles means that the solution can be assembled under controlled conditions, for example at a warehouse, and then transported to the installation site. This minimises installation time on site and thus also the cost of things such as downtime, personnel and special machinery.

Electrical insulation = less complicated earthing

Our fibreglass profiles are already used extensively on German, British and Danish railways, where they are used for stairs, bridges, platforms and other access routes. Fiberline’s fibreglass profiles provide electrical insulation and thus reduce the complexity of earthing where propulsion power is involved. This means that the installation time is shorter, earthing is less difficult, and savings can be achieved in relation to the installation job as a whole.

Help is available at all stages of your project

Fiberline not only offers you strong profiles but also a strong collaboration partner. To be specific, we will make sure that you have the technical advice that you need to ensure sustainable structures. Our experienced team of fibreglass specialists is ready to guide you all the way from project specification and design through to technical advice for assembly and maintenance.

Fast delivery of fibreglass profiles

Here at Fiberline, we have a wide range of profiles that yield well-documented results, so you can order your entire fibreglass solution from us. Our range includes I-profiles, U-profiles, square tubes, planks and gratings. These products are already waiting for you at our warehouse. This means that they will be delivered quickly when you need them.

CE marking for your peace of mind

We are one of only a few companies in the sector who can display CE marking on our entire range of structural profiles. This is your guarantee of high quality every time you buy from us and use our products. Among other things, our CE marking means that we constantly monitor and test the properties of our profiles and that we can ensure complete traceability, from the raw materials right through to our customers’ end products.

Sustainable profiles right from the start

Thanks to our modern, energy-optimised production process, our profiles have a good environmental profile right from the start. From a life-cycle perspective, fibreglass is the sustainable option for both construction and industry. Our profiles are low-maintenance and therefore do not need many maintenance resources in terms of paint, chemicals and machinery.