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Who we are

The story of Fiberline is the story of a fascination with an innovative material and manufacturing process and of how Henrik and Dorthe Thorning created a company that is today a world-leading producer of glass- and carbon-fibre profiles.

Fiberline Composites is a Danish family-owned company founded by Henrik and Dorthe Thorning in 1979. Production was based in rented premises in the town of Kolding and initially employed two people. The first pultrusion equipment entered operation on 1 May 1979, and this is considered the company's starting date.

The company has grown considerably since then and consists today of a head office and technology centre, both situated in Middelfart, Denmark, a factory in China and a sales office in Canada. The company numbers a total of more than 300 people who share a common fascination with an exciting and innovative material.

What our logo stands for


Our logo symbolises the two components which comprise the composite and together form one strong entity. But it also contains a deeper symbolism – a company based on the fusion of human and technical skills.

Our production process makes us unique

One of Fiberline's distinctive features is its production process – pultrusion. Composites can be made in many ways, but Henrik Thorning saw from the outset the unique possibilities that pultrusion technology offered. In Fiberline's pultrusion technique, dry fibres are drawn continuously through a closed die in which they are impregnated with a matrix. The resulting product has very special properties that can be tailored to the needs of the individual customer. As the process is continuous, consistently high quality can also be achieved. And as the process is enclosed, a safe work environment is assured. You can find more about pultrusion at Fiberline here.

Working closely with customers all over the world, we develop customer-specific solutions which in different ways all support our philosophy CREATE MORE WITH LESS. Our development work is conducted in accordance with APQP techniques and procedures, and from our technology centre we constantly seek to push the limits for our product performance. We have our own testing facilities, and in our development department we employ technicians and engineers who possess specialist knowledge of each of the sectors in which our products are used.

Today, Fiberline's products are primarily used in three sectors

  • Wind turbines - our carbon- and glass-fibre profiles help strengthen some of the world's longest turbine blades.
  • Windows and facades - glass fibre's excellent insulating properties improve the energy balance in buildings.
  • Structural profiles, such as bridges - the strength, low weight and durability of our products create intelligent end-solutions.

Notable events in Fiberline's history