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Lay Light by Fiberline

Lay LightTM by Fiberline is like no other material. The reinforcement of the fibreglass composite stands out with a unique structure, and the possibility of lighting the material from behind paves the way for completely new, exciting expressions.

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Download free BIM objects for our Lay Light products here 

What is Lay Light?

Lay Light is a new-generation fibreglass composite with a texture and translucence created with outstanding architecture in mind. It is light weight, translucent and changes colour with the changing of the seasons. Sunshine, cloud or rain – external changes in light and colour will be reflected in the composite because it allows light to filter through the layers of glassfibre, creating an effect totally unlike any other facade material.

The weather resistance of the fibreglass composite is uniquely high. And the subsequent surface coating with UV protection results in a solution that retains its appearance for decades. Fiberline can supply fibreglass composite with high fire resistance, meaning that the profile solutions meet the fire safety standards of most types of buildings all over Europe.

Some of the key advantages of Fiberline’s Lay Light are:

  • Low weight
  • Translucent
  • Corrosion-free
  • Easy to work with

Use Lay Light to create outstanding architecture

Lay Light™ is a material with a clearly visible structure in the form of fibreglass threads and mats that serve both as strong reinforcement for the product and deliver its unique aesthetic character. The low density of the composite profiles also makes them light and simple to assemble. Furthermore, modifications are easy to make at the building site, as the material can be machined with regular power tools.

Fiberline’s Lay Light profiles offer protection from the sun without blocking out all light and it is extremely durable. Create great architecture with Lay light even in demanding surroundings with our corrosion free even when placed in close proximity to salt water.

Compose your preferred look with Lay Light

There are numerous possibilities for special-designed panelling that lives up to your desired design expression. The only limit is your own imagination. Take a look here and see how others have used the material to create great architecture:

Do you have any further questions, or do you need any technical advice about working with our Lay Light or fibreglass in general? Please, do not hesitate to call us; we are always happy to help and guide you to meet your demands when you order our GFRP profiles.

Your profiles will be delivered with a surface in exactly the RAL colour you wish. The same applies to metal lacquers and structured lacquers. No matter which colour you choose, you will get a surface of the highest quality, meeting all established requirements on the market.

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The lightness, strength and durability of fibreglass allow you to create intelligent solutions. The material properties of pultruded fibreglass profiles, unlike those of traditional materials, can be carefully adapted to their intended use and to your specific needs.

Check our opening-hours or contact one of our employees today. Our team consists of talented consultants, engineers, technicians and operators, and we are always ready to help you with your next GFRP building project.

Lay Light facade - Click for specifications

Lay Light plate - Click for specifications

Other geometries

On you can download our free mounting instructions for Lay Light Facade panels - an easy step-by-step guide for your future work with Lay Light.