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Durable and corrosion resistant GFRP gratings, planks and profiles are particularly suitable for industrial platforms in aggressive environments, as they do not rust or rot. Furthermore, the lightweight composite material is easy to customize on site, require minimal maintenance and are non-conductive. The platforms also have anti-skid surfaces and are equipped with Fiberline's Industrial Railing System to ensure better safety.

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FRP platform tied to a large column or standing on square hollow sections. As a walkway, a variety of FRP-gratings or planks can be used.

1. Industrial railing system
2. U- profiles
3. Square tube used as a column
4. Bracings used if construction is standing on square tubes
5. Entrance to the platform
6. Handrail profile, item no 122007 or 122051
7. Bolts for fastening handrail profiles to square tubes
8. Parapets made form square tubes 60x60x5 mm or 50x50x5 mm
9. Toe plate, item no 120486
10. Rivets
11. Toe plate, item no 120486
12. W Clip, item no 149108
13. Anchor bolt, designed for individual projects
14. FRP grating
15. U-profiler, cross beam
16. Steel 90 deg bracket
17. Bolts used for assembly of substructure
18. Bolts used for assembly of substructure
19. Steel plate used for load distribution

Data sheets

Download data sheet for deckings
Download data sheet for gratings
Download data sheet for profiles

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