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Fiberline industrial railing is dimensioned according to ISO 14122 and EN 50308 giving you the assurance that the handrail system can withstand vertical and horizontal loads up to 1kN/m and not deflect more than 30 mm. Besides, industrial handrails come with a knee and kick plate all made from fibreglass composites. The handrail system can be configurated and pre-assembled of-site making the installation much more efficiently on-site. Furthermore, any additional modifications are easy to make at the construction site, as the material can be machined with ordinary power tools.

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Fiberlines industrial railing is designed according to nach DIN EN ISO 14122 – part 1-3. The industrial railing can be mounted to all substructures with and without brackets.

1. Handrail profile, item no 122051
a. Handrail profile, item no 122007

2. Through bolt with hex-nut
a. Hidden mounting with angle profiles on the inside of the handrail
b. Mounting with rivets

3. Parapets made form square tubes 60x60x5 or 50x50x5
4. Kickplate, item no 120486
a. Tube 40x34 item no. 020231

5. Through bolt with hex-nut
a. Bonding area
b. Mounting with rivets

6. Kickplate, item no 120486
7. W Clip, item no 149108
8. Anchor bolt, designed for individual projects
9. FRP grating
10. U-profiler, cross beam
11. Steel 90 deg bracket
12. Bolts used for assembly of substructure
13. Bolts used for assembly of substructure
14. Steel plate used for load distribution
15. Threaded bare with dome nut
16. Neoprene for dampning vibrations

Data sheets

Download data sheet for deckings
Download data sheet for gratings
Download data sheet for profiles

Our products

Combining advantages

CE marking

Our products have a number of international and highly sought-after certifications, among other, within the construction, offshore and railway sectors. This is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you buy from us and use our products.

Low weight

Fiberline's GRP profiles are low in weight. This makes them easier to work with and means that great weight savings can be achieved on the finished structure.

Great strength

Fiberline Building Profiles give you the same great strength as steel, but at only a quarter of the density. It is also possible to make weight savings in comparison with aluminium, as the density is 30 % lower.


Our fibreglass profiles are resistant to aggressive chemicals, and liquids. This makes them ideal for wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling towers and construction, where there is a risk of corrosion.

Chemical resistance

Our fibreglass profiles are resistant to aggressive chemicals, liquids and alkalis. This makes them ideal for wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling towers and construction, where there is a risk of corrosion.

Electrical insulation

Fiberline's GRP profiles provide electrical insulation and minimise the complexity of earthing. This makes our profiles a future-proof choice where the costs of both installation and future inspections can be reduced considerably.

Easy to work with

GRP profiles are just as easy and fast to work with as timber. This means that solutions which incorporate our profiles can be installed easily on site or adjusted to fit existing components, such as piping systems, etc.

Thermally Insulating

Fiberline's fibreglass profiles have a significantly lower heat distribution gradient than steel and aluminium, enabling energy-efficient end products.

Minimal maintenance

Our GRP profiles have unrivalled durability and a long life, even in demanding conditions.


Fiberline's fibreglass profiles are produced using an energy-optimised process that takes the environment into consideration.

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