Avoid corrosion and expensive breakdowns with fibreglass

The aggressive water in fish farms can be tough on steel solutions, which are often subjected to corrosion. Fibreglass is a competitive alternative which is not only corrosion-free, but also has the same strength as steel at just a quarter of the weight.

Fibreglass in fish farming tanks

Our fibreglass profiles can be used in the actual tanks with water in order to hold equipment, filters or other water-management systems in place – even in facilities used for the farming of saltwater fish. Fibreglass profiles are corrosion-free and resistant to aggressive waters, making them a competitive alternative to other materials, such as galvanised steel.

Fibreglass for light, maintenance-free access routes

Our fibreglass profiles, planks and gratings can also be used as an alternative to stainless steel in access routes, platforms, gangways, stairs, handrails and covers in fish-farming facilities. We have designed a range of standard solutions for this area, such as service bridges that can span up to 23 metres and which are optimised in terms of their material usage and strength, all at a competitive price.

Danish firm with 40+ years of experience

With more than forty years of experience working with fibreglass solutions for fish farming facilities, we know how to best make use of the material's strengths to create the most effective solutions for fish farming. We can help you every step of the way, from design and calculation to processing and assembly of the end solutions. What's more, it is easy to assemble our finished solutions on site, as fibreglass resembles hardwood when it is being worked.

Documentation you can trust

Breakdowns at fish farming facilities can be very expensive, especially if they result in long periods of downtime. That is why we prioritise in-house production and warehouses in the EU, so we can always guarantee fast deliveries to our customers in the EU.

In addition, our fibreglass products also come with a range of recognised international certifications and standards, including CE markings. These are your guarantee of uniform, high quality every time you make a purchase from us.


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