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The Railways of the Future

Fibreglass composite is a non-electrically conductive material that makes it particularly suitable for applications near traction current, cables, and distributions boards along railways.

Our GFRP gratings and profiles are especially suitable for applications along railways such as platforms, stairs, and walkways. GFRP is electrically insulating and thus minimises the complexity of earthing during electrical fittings and repairing. This makes the profiles a future-proof choice, where costs for both construction and future inspections can be significantly reduced.

Our fibreglass solutions are incredibly easy to work with because they are uncomplicated to assemble and have a low weight that makes them easy to install. The GFRP material also has the advantage that it is corrosion-free and incredibly strong, which is why it is not damaged by the impact of heavy traffic nearby or changing weather conditions. Consequently, giving your constructions a long lifespan with minimal maintenance - an important long-term financial benefit.

Furthermore, all our gratings have a non-slip surface, which makes them the optimal solution for railway stairs and walkways, ensuring the rail staff safe access during service.

With both aBG, the German building approval, and EBA, Fiberline Building Profiles has the whole package of certification to build strong applications in the railway sector. This makes it easier for you to work with fibreglass because they can buy all their certified GFRP profiles in one place and get the entire solution approved for their rail applications.

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