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New type-approved railway platform can be installed in two hours

iLECSYS in the UK have designed and constructed a new type of platform for Britain's railways using GRP composite from Fiberline. The new platform is first on the market to gain type approval from Network Rail.

iLECSYS' platform is a module construction suitable for a wide range of railway applications, and the light weight of the constituent material and the fact that GRP profiles and gratings can be machined on site mean that the platforms can be installed in next to no time.

Working with Fiberline's materials has proven a positive experience for iLECSYS, and CEO Peter Dickson says the new platform will the first of many constructions to be built using this strong, lightweight material:
"Working with GRP composite gives us considerable design freedom, and it is a simple task for tradesmen to cut the profiles to shape on site. Finally, the customer benefits from a highly durable material that never rusts or rots."

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Our partner on this platform is Ilecsys