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With a fibreglass stair tower, you get easy and safe access to the building and, at the same time, you can save time and money on maintenance.

Our stairway tower is designed completely in fibreglass, a corrosion-free and weather-resistant material with a long lifetime. For you, this means that you can avoid unexpected costs and complications with the maintenance of the stair tower.

What are stairway access towers?

Your next stair tower must ensure that you have a stable working platform and safe access for maintenance workers, construction workers or other employees. Stair towers are used as access routes to different platform heights.

Our stairway access towers consist of three elements.

  • The internal structure or frame is the load-bearing part and consists of columns which are normally made of square tubes. The transverse bracing is made of U and I beams. This frame ensures a stable platform.
  • The stairs with two stringers in U profiles and different types of steps. Depending on the climb, the stairs can be designed with repos. Depending on your needs, you can choose different types of slip resistance for the stairs. The stair tower width and height can be adjusted to the platform height as well.
  • Railing system which provides a safe and easy access. Our railing system comply with safety standards.

We will help you every step of the way, from the design and calculation of your next stair tower to machining and on-site supervision. Speak to one of our fibreglass experts and we will give you a non-binding quote for what your next stair tower might look like. 


Need help?
Need help?


Below you will find an illustration of a stair tower. For more information please contact one of our experts.

1. Steel bracket used for connection between the tower and foundation
2. U-profile column
3. Steel bracket for cross bracing
4. U-profile floor separation
5. U-profiles for walkway
6. Steel bracket for the floor separation
7. Steel bracket for stiffening the tower
8. Stringers
9. Parapets from square hollow sections
10. U-profiles for stiffening stairs
11. U-profiles for stiffening stairs
12. Steel bracket for the floor separation
13. Parapets from square hollow sections
14. U-profiles for walkway
15. Cross bracing

Data sheets

Download data sheet for deckings
Download data sheet for gratings
Download data sheet for profiles

Advantages: Why use a fibreglass stair tower?

The stair towers can be supplied as flat pack, saving you time for installation on site. The light weight of the fibreglass profiles also makes them easy to handle regardless of platform height. And since fibreglass can be processed as easily as wood, the final adjustments to the stair tower can also be made on site. This means our stair towers in fibreglass are well-suited for tight spaces or hard-to-reach places.

Our profiles have a wide range of sought-after international certifications and standards, which makes it easy for you to use them in the EU, without wasting time on one-off approvals. Furthermore, the fibreglass profiles are also CE-marked, which is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you make a purchase from us.

Explore our wide range of advantages with stair towers in fibreglass:

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Where can you use fibreglass stair towers?

Indoor or outdoor stair tower? Since fibreglass is a corrosion-free and weather-resistant material that is also resistant to a number of aggressive chemicals and liquids, our stair towers are well suited for both. Furthermore, our stair towers can also be adjusted to your needs with respect to platform height.
Our customers typically install their stair tower within a wide range of industries:

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Improve safety with an experienced partner

With over 40 years of experience with fibreglass constructions, we have seen just about everything, so we are quite sure that we can also help you with your next stair tower. You can also find the world’s largest online shop for CE-marked fibreglass profiles right here with us. Explore our wide range of fibreglass profiles, fibreglass planks and fibreglass gratings.

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