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Fiberline composite doorstep profiles

The composite doorstep profile eliminates thermal bridge problems and allows energy efficient connections to be made between exterior and interior surfaces. The glass fibres contribute to the strength of the profiles, which, in combination with the thermal properties, allows a slim and high-insulating frame structure. This leaves more room for daylight and thereby ensures a better energy balance and a more pleasant indoor climate. 

Low and elegant composite doorsteps

More than 25 years have passed since Fiberline introduced the first fibreglass composite doorstep on the market. A constant focus on pushing the boundaries of the capacities of our products has made Fiberline the leading supplier of high-insulating doorsteps for some of the largest and most innovative companies in the industry.

Unique insulating properties and remarkable improvements in energy performance

With a composite doorstep profile you can achieve great savings on your energyconsumption without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Welcome to large glass sections

The great strength and stiffness of composite allow sliding-door solutions that can carry a load of 500 kilos.

Easy machining – also on site

With regular power tools you can easily drill, mill, and cut the Fiberline doorsteps.

An experienced development partner

As your partner, we provide technological leadership combined with unequalled composite processing capacity and know-how.

Certified Quality

Our profiles are certified according to a number of certifications and norms, which is your guarantee of consistent high quality.