picture of GFRP bridge in Zürich


Water and fibreglass go well together

Fiberline's fibreglass profiles are corrosion-free and resistant to impacts from weather, wind and salt water, making them particularly suitable for use near the ocean.

Fibreglass has been used for boat building for many years - and for good reason. The material is corrosion-free, durable and extremely light compared to other materials with similar properties. The environment near the sea is often aggressive and require very special demands on the materials used for construction in these areas. Therefore, Fiberline's fibreglass composite is an obvious choice when it comes to building near different types of ports, coasts or piers.

In addition, our fibreglass profiles are a cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum and wood, as they have a long life span with minimal maintenance requirements. At the same time, you get benefits such as low weight and easy machining, which can also reduce your total construction costs. Fibreglass-reinforced plastic thus combines a wide range of unique benefits that make fibreglass particularly suitable for the sustainable construction of the future.

Our GFRP steps, gratings and walkways all provide a safe (non-slip) and comfortable surface that makes them the optimal solution for walkways and bridges near wet areas, guaranteeing greater safety for pedestrians. In addition, they are resistant to loads and do not change shape under pressure.

Fiberline Building Profiles A/S is one of the only companies to have a CE marking for construction profiles in fibreglass. This makes the approval of construction projects throughout the EU easy.

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