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Buy a future-proof FRP bridge ready to assemble
With our full FRP bridges, made as flat pack solutions, we have made it easy for you to get a bridge built entirely out of fiberglass – ready to easily assemble yourself. In the summer 2020, the construction company, Kaj Bech, built its first complete fibreglass bridge in Sønder Felding, Denmark.

'It's a very simple and lightweight bridge, which allows us to get into areas that are usually hard to access by crane. We therefore need much smaller equipment. I really believe that constructions made of fibreglass profiles are the future', says Jens Andersen, foreman at Kaj Bech A/S.

6 x 2 m
6 x 2 m
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Looking for an easy and maintenance free solution for your next pedestrian or cycle bridge?

Our full FRP bridges are a cost-effective alternative to bridges of traditional building materials, as GFRP bridges combine several advantages that ensure a long lifespan and a low overall cost which makes fiberglass bridges a sustainable choice:

•No corrosion
•High strength and low weight
•Minimal maintenance
•Easy assembly
•Environment friendly