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Chemistry without corrosion

In almost all types of chemical industry, water is either part of the product itself or is used in the manufacturing process - it is therefore essential that the building materials are corrosion-free and chemically resistant.

Our fibreglass profiles are resistant to water, aggressive chemicals and liquids. This makes them ideal for the chemical industry where the risk of corrosion is particularly high.

The composite material is composed of at least two different materials, each of which is not always suitable for construction purposes by itself. However, when combined they form a material of superior strength and rigidity and with properties that are unsurpassed in terms of longevity.

With minimal maintenance required throughout their long lives, our fibreglass profiles are a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel, concrete and timber. They are also low in weight, which in many cases means a reduction in overall weight and lower installation costs, such as the cost of special machinery and personnel. This yields significant savings over the lifetime of the solution as a whole, thereby making fibreglass a sustainable and future-proof construction material. In addition, and in contrast to metals, our profiles are not exposed to electrolytic corrosion.

Fiberline Building Profiles A/S is one of only a few companies to have a CE mark for fibreglass structural profiles. This makes it easier to get construction projects approved throughout the EU.

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