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GRP profiles and brackets combine a number of unique advantages such as high strength, low weight and corrosions resistance, which provide a sophisticated, cost-efficient alternative to concrete, steel, aluminium and wood. If you are looking for other dimension than the ones we have in stock please click here

Square tubes
The square tube is primarily designed for transferring compressive loads and is therefore suitable for supporting structures such as columns and parapets for handrails in railing systems, stairs and corridors as well as in cooling towers.
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Flat profiles
Our flat profiles can be used as thermal breaker plate for window and facade applications. Find our more here. Other fields of application are brackets and covers for water and chemical treatment plants.
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Fiberline U-profiles in fiberglass are a cost-effective alternative to wood, concrete, steel and aluminium. It is corrosion-free, providing long service life and saving maintenance costs in the long run. Other advantages include great strength, low weight and electrical insulation.
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With the high strength and stiffness of the I-profile the range of applications include girders in beam bridges as well as support beams for flooring and platforms. Due to the low weight and water absorption of the material, the profiles are also used for moveable floors in swimming pools.
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The angle profiles have high strength and can advantageously be used for the assembly of stair treads and as brackets for many applications where load-carrying capacity coupled with thermal insulating properties is needed. Furthermore, the angel profile can be used as lateral bracing for constructions.
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The brackets are used to assemble Fiberline structural profiles that are subject to tensile and compressive forces, bending moment and shear, e.g. I and U profiles.
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