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No corrosion problems with composite

The aggressive wastewater in treatment plants gradually causes traditional building materials to corrode - this problem is easily solved by using fibreglass composite instead, which is corrosion-free

Fiberline fibreglass profiles are particularly suitable for use in wastewater and chemical plants, as the material is corrosion-resistant and therefore resistant to wind, rain, chemicals and, not least, the water that flows through the plants every day. This also means that the fibreglass doesn't rust or rot and only requires minimum maintenance. This is also why our fibreglass profiles have an unrivalled durability and a long functional life, even in demanding conditions, and why they are an economic advantage in the long run. Great demands are placed on the materials that are used to cover the large aeration tanks at wastewater treatment plants. The air is full of hydrogen sulphide and other aggressive gases, and traditional materials therefore succumb and corrode, causing major safety risks.

Fiberline's planks and gratings, which have a non-slip surface, are therefore used in a number of wastewater and chemical plants in Europe for walkways, bridges, roofs and as lids on even very large structures, helping to increase staff safety. The fibreglass profiles can also be used to cover the wastewater tanks to reduce bad odours.

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