Structural profiles

Fiberline manufactures GRP structural profiles which provide a sophisticated alternative to concrete, steel, aluminium and wood. The profiles are of high quality and supported by detailed documentation. All profiles are stock products ready for delivery

Fiberline’s programme of profiles and brackets for structural purposes

Fiberline’s range of decking components for pedestrian and road bridges, walkways and covers for wastewater treatment plants etc.

GRP gratings can easily be customized on site and adjustments for pipe entries etc. do not compromise corrosion durability

ComBAR® by Fiberline is a ribbed reinforcing bar.

Composite offers a number of advantages due to its strength, light weight, and weatherproof properties

Case Stories - Structural profiles

Bridges, wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers, chemical industry, offshore platforms,

Fiberline online tools will give you access to data, profile drawings and other documentation on structural profiles.

Fiberline awarded Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (abZ)

Our experienced Sales Team is able to offer you technical information and professional advice on solutions for the Structural Profiles industry